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    StoryBook is a photo sharing startup that I have been working with for the past two years. From the time when it was initially conceived to the present day, I have helped to shape the vision and the implementation of the app.

    When they were first starting out, I went through and helped to identify product attributes that might help StoryBook create separation from their competitors. Based on the conversations we had, we were able to identify three key areas, define objectives for their product, and mock up a super simple minimum viable product.

    I worked with the founders to build their initial prototype, and was able to help secure their first round of funding. Since then I have designed their interfaces, and worked with their developers to make sure that the implementation works as intended.

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  • Disruption Engine

    Disruption Engine was a collaboration that I undertook with my good friend Nikhil Kalathil stemming from a series conversations we had based on ideas he had been working on as a part of his graduate research at Stanford. Working with an incubator program and a number of startups in Cleveland Ohio, we set out to help early stage startups identify and create products with disruptive potential. We successfully implemented our consulting process with StoryBook, a promising photo sharing startup, and helped them to secure their first round of funding. I designed the brand identity, designed and built the website, created pitch decks, and prototyped product features.

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  • Business Cards

    For this design I used excerpts from a series of my uncle Ken’s paintings as textures, there are five different designs within the pack. I admire Ken’s work for the amount of complexity that occurs within a seemingly simple composition. In art, as in life, sometimes the things that affect us most are the things that we don’t notice on our first glance. I wanted to imbue each one of the cards with a moment where I took a second look at one of Ken’s paintings and was rewarded, and use the design to challenge other people to delve a little deeper too.

    To see more of Ken’s work, head over to kennethhilker.com.

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  • Semantic Servers

    The concept from when I began building this site was to develop a semantic server. This means essentially, that the URL at any point should describe, in intelligible english where in the site you are. By using the existing semantic structures in english, we can build computers that actually describe the content they contain, as we develop them.

    I used variables throughout the project that are consistent with parts of speech in English, including verbs as categories, and nouns as single posts, to dynamically generate syntactically correct url’s.

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