Learning to design well has been a journey, and I continue to grow as a designer with every project I take. I look forward to each opportunity that I get to learn new things, and to improve my skills. I consider myself self-taught, but I’ve had a lot of good mentors :)

Storybook App

September 9, 2016

StoryBook is a photo sharing startup that I have been working with for the past two years. From the time when it was initially conceived to the present day, I have helped to shape the vision and the implementation of the app. When they were first starting out, I went through and helped to identify […]

Disruption Engine

September 9, 2016

Disruption Engine was a collaboration that I undertook with my good friend Nikhil Kalathil stemming from a series conversations we had based on ideas he had been working on as a part of his graduate research at Stanford. Working with an incubator program and a number of startups in Cleveland Ohio, we set out to […]

Business Cards

June 5, 2016

For this design I used excerpts from a series of my uncle Ken’s paintings as textures, there are¬†five different designs within the pack. I admire Ken’s work for the amount of complexity that occurs within a seemingly simple composition. In art, as in life, sometimes the things that affect us most are the things that […]


June 2, 2012

Information design is a topic that greatly interests me. Through a combination of theory — pulling from the likes of Edward Tufte and Josef Albers — and practice through applications in silkscreen and web design — I have honed my ¬†understanding of information design, which I apply to almost every project that I complete. I […]