My understanding of development comes from a sense of curiosity and an ambition to build newer, bigger, better, and faster things. With each project I complete, I always find myself thinking about how I will build things the next time around.

Storylens Pictures

September 9, 2016

StoryLens Pictures is a small production company focused on crafting documentaries that highlight projects which have a positive impact on their local community. Because their requirements were fairly simple, I was able to focus on streamlining their content posting and display processes and creating a super tight integration with Vimeo. The site uses JSON, the Vimeo […]

Semantic Servers

November 11, 2014

The concept from when I began building this site was to develop a semantic server. This means essentially, that the URL at any point should describe, in intelligible english where in the site you are. By using the existing semantic structures in english, we can build computers that actually describe the content they contain, as we develop […]

Recursive Functions

December 14, 2012

These sketches were developed using Processing, coded in Java using the processing API and visual feedback interface. Each application gathered input from the user via the keyboard or mouse controls, and used this data to generate complex responsive imagery. These applications were not only fun to build and interact with, but they provided fascinating insight […]